Kim? Contemporary Art Centre
Close Your Eyes and Smile: Performance

We are delighted to invite you to take part in the performance of Liene Pavlovska’s exhibition “Close Your and Smile” on 4th of October,  6.30 pm.


“Close your eyes and smile” is a space that compares the constructs of organization between elections and lotteries, using hidden visual codes and emphasizing its theatrical nature. The spectator is invited to become the curator or the director and to create the narrative of the space through his perspective.


The performance of Liene Pavlovska is created in collaboration with Arta Kauliņa, Baiba Vanaga, Janīna Guterman and Niels Albers, will take place at the finissage of exhibition. During the performance the visitor is invited to have a meal collectively turning the food sculptures of artist Niels Albers and visual gestures, that are created as an answer to the space and narrative of Close Your Eyes and Smile into ruins. 


How does it smell, how does it taste? If what we see is the same what we eat? 


Entrance: free


Supporters: Trauku noma Astro