Kim? Contemporary Art Centre
Daina Teters’ Lecture “Trespassing Normativity”

On 2 June at 19:00 everyone was invited to attend a lecture by prof. Daina Teters, the Latvian Academy of Culture. Prof. Teters was discussing the lives, poetry and artworks of the mentally ill. The lecture was illustrated by pictures and poems by the mentally ill questioning the boarder of creativity and “true” art.

Daina Teters is the director of the Semiotics Research Centre. She has studied at the University of Latvia and the University of Salzburg and has taught at the Music Academy of Latvia and the University of Latvia. She writes and teaches about theoretical semiotics, city semiotics, semiotics of time and space. In 2006 and 2008 following prof. Teters initiative “Metamid” an international scientifically artist project took place in Riga. It looked at the rational and irrational – the contrast of sanity in insanity and the impact on creative thinking.