Kim? Contemporary Art Centre
Daria Melnikova “A green silhouette of grey”

It is a few steps till dusk. A thin line pierces the density of exhaustion. Greyed expectations vanish in curtain waves, loosing fumes somewhere beneath the wadded surface.




The thought of tomorrow is like green mist in a pale gown with its neutral scent and invulnerable grace. One touch towards the cold side of a pillow makes silhouettes rise shaping vertices by the edge of abyss. A slip. The fall into a hollow.


The solo show consists of a conceptually unified set of artworks in various techniques and creates an epithet for different characteristics of materiality. Words become a reference to the works, in eight or more sentences transporting the idea of an interspace as a state before the inversion, where in a transitory, indefinite state both the beginning and end of something can coexist.


Daria Melnikova (1984) has graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia, Department of Visual Communication. Participates in exhibitions since 2005, amongst them “Noma 00-10” (Riga, 2009), “What’s Up, Sea?” at 10th Rauma Biennale Balticum (Rauma, 2010), “24 Spaces – Cacophony” at Malmö Konsthall (Malmö, 2013), “You Only Live Thrice” (Malmö, 2013),Sculpture Is Space” at Hobusepea (Tallinn, 2013). Her first solo-exhibition “Dashing Lines and Forming Heaps” was on view at Kim? in 2011. Currently she’s participating in “Literacy-Illiteracy” at 16th Tallinn Print Triennial Kumu (Tallinn, 2014).