Kim? Contemporary Art Centre
Evelina Deičmane’s exhibition “Division of time”

“Sometimes it seems like the inside of my body has transformed into geometric forms. Into four triangles. And at the endings of them lies my mind. The heart in the middle. The pedestals of the form floating on the surface of water. It is probably a ship. Its many edges can be opened. You can look into it so deep that a stranger’s ear, eye or sense would not perceive it. By opening all the edges, the air permeates its form. I guess it means I am a spaceship.

In order to finish the story, in the course of the exhibition the spaceship will be transformed into a ship that can travel on water. Light and sound within the exhibition space will be built into the object. The ship will be prepared for a journey on the Riga canal. It will travel from Kim? to Andrejsala, which is where my workroom is. The ship travels by paddling down the stream. There will be two people on board: the man who navigates the ship and me, inside the ship, creating music and sound from within.” – from the notes of Evelīna Deičmane

The works on display in the exhibition Division of Time have been produced as part of the Kim? residency at Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin in 2011 supplemented by a retrospection of works of the past two years.
Two sound installations will be displayed: an installation from the Berlin residency Bad.Good.Bad will be placed at the rear end of the gallery, and the central hall of the gallery will have an object-sound installation Division of Time. The exhibition also features drawings and, one could say, texts, for the titles of some of the drawings are like little stories (Abyss, Patience, The Present.I Used to Love You Like That, etc.).


Evelīna Deičmane makes use of mixed techniques in her works; she experiments with sound and visual elements. Her conceptual approach includes existential moods and human experience, creating an environment, in which sorrow meets happiness and humour, dispels drama. The artist has been taking part in exhibitions, festivals and creative workshops since 2002, including: 15th Biennale of Sydney (Australia, 2006), the 2nd Moscow Biennale (Russia, 2007), Manifesta 7 (Italy, 2008), the 53rd Venice Biennale (Italy, 2009), the 12th Cairo Biennale (Egypt, 2010), etc. She has participated in other projects: Musik in Context, JVE Maastricht, the Netherlands (2011); Resonance Riga, Skaņu mežs, (Riga, 2011), Music for Trees, The Festival of Flanders Kortrijk, (Belgium, 2012). Among her most recent solo exhibitions there is Black Fairytales, Riga Gallery (Riga, 2012) and Burt Nieks at the Burtnieki Cultural Centre (Burtnieki, 2012).