Kim? Contemporary Art Centre
Evita Vasiļjeva “Parallel to vertical”

If you draw a parallel to a vertical, it creates a gap you could go through and ask somebody for a cigarette. You don’t smoke? It doesn’t matter. It is a coexisting situation, that doesn’t depend on whether you’re a smoker or not. You’re both. What matters is where you enter: Amsterdam or Riga, for example. The space dictates the rules. Anyhow, nothing else is there and lights are always on. I’m not a smoker anyway.


Evita Vasiļjeva (1985) has graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia, department of Visual Communication, and this year is about to conclude her studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Fine Arts programme. Since 2009 participates in group exhibitions, among them “Visions of Gertrude” at Slag op het Slaag (2013); “Chinees Restaurant” at Retort (2012); “Based on a true story” at Kafana Box Office (2012); “OMG” at Oude kerk (2012), Amsterdam, the Netherlands; “Crisis? What crisis?” at the Europe Exchange Academy exhibition space in Beelitz, Germany (2012); “A.H/H.A” in Zaandam, the Netherlands (2011); “From the Finger to the Skruk” at Basis buro, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2010); as well as group shows in Riga – “Cause and Effect” at Kim? (2010); “NOMA 00-10” (2009). Since 2008 author in “Veto”, “kuš!”, and “Popper Magazine” issues. Lives and works in Amsterdam.