Kim? Contemporary Art Centre
First Creative Workshop – Music – Rhytmic Conversations

Series of creative workshops during which a traditional artist representing a minority people will closely collaborate with a Latvian contemporary artist. These workshops could serve as a bridge between the traditional and contemporary, and between Latvian culture and those of other peoples.


Theme of the First Creative Workshop – Music.


The event will be graced by a performance from experimental art and sound artist KASPARS GROŠEVS, who will represent contemporary electronic music. He will be joined by BALRAJ SINGH, who plays the tabla – a traditional Indian musical instrument. Both musicians will introduce the audience to their style of playing and will then riff off each other, blending the contemporary with the traditional. At the end of the workshop, the audience will have the chance to engage in a collective rhythm with the musicians.


The event will be held at Kaņepes Kultūras Centrs.