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Guntis Berelis’ lecture “Why don’t writers write blogs?”

On 29 September at 19:00 everyone was invited to attend Gunits Berelis’ lecture “Why don’t writers write blogs?”

There are almost 300 members of Latvian Writers Association plus a round number of people who every now and then publish books that could be classified as fiction. A writer could be regarded as a person who writes all the time, or, if this person doesn’t write all the time, he or she at least imagines that he or she could, and when the writer has written something, the writer starts to complain that nobody wants to publish him or her and that the work doesn’t reach its readers.

So, there are hundreds of people who work with texts professionally on a daily basis, who use language in order to express their thoughts, opinions and flair and whose if not the core then at least one of the most important priorities in life is to deliver their texts to the relatively few readers interested in the works of the particular author.

However, among these hundreds of writers and penmen and women there are very few who attempt to write blogs, i.e., who try to use this currently most direct means of communication with the readers or who try to make their works accessible via it. Moreover this peculiar situation is not limited to Latvia only – all over the world writers are the laziest bloggers. Why such a paradox? Guntis Berelis was attempting to solve the puzzle. He, not being a great lover of blogs himself, also told about his experience of putting the opportunities provided by blogs to good use in his blog Guntis Berelis rates.