Kim? Contemporary Art Centre
Ieva Epnere “Mindscapes”


While thinking about the building’s history – old and more recent – incidentally I started to wonder about memory of the space, preserved in a building, a room, or a wall. Every five weeks a new artist comes into these premises and almost every time they are being refurbished– drilled, sanded and repainted, sometimes even if nothing visible is left behind after the previous artist. These exercises of the room is just one of the rituals that are carried out in order to bring a new – artist’s own – energy into the room.

In her current exhibition Ieva Epnere talks about the things she has seen and experienced over the past two years. The significance of the element of contingency, influences and occurances that lead from one thing to another, and how one work anticipates the ideas of the next. How an artwork you saw as a child can suddenly come to mind and become an impulse for your own artwork. The architecture and space, its effect upon a person, relationship between man and space, how we comprehend, perceive and live it.


The selection of works and scenography of the exhibition is developed taking into account the specific character of the venue, thinking about the interplay between space, artwork and viewer. The same item in different environments is not only perceived differenty – it is being changed.


Ieva Epnere(1977) works within the field of photography and video. Has participated in international exhibitions since 2003. Recent solo shows include: The Green Land, Kim? Contemporary Art Centre in Riga, Latvia (2010); Darbi Kulturforum Alte Post in Neuss, Germany (2009); Mikrorajons, the exhibition hall Arsenals in Riga, Latvia (2007); Encounters, Atelier Hoeherweg in Dusseldorf, Germany (2006); has participated in group exhibitions in Belgium, Austria, Germany, France, Latvia etc. In 2012 graduated from HISK Institute for Fine Arts in Gent, Belgium; holds Master of Arts degree from Art Academy of Latvia.


Special thanks to: Ilze Celmiņa, Valdis Celmiņš, Imants Gross, Marta Ģibiete, Baiba Lagzdiņa, Laima Lediņa, Dainis Kļava, Ginters Krumholcs, Rolands Kronlaks, Aivars Purmalis, Miks Ramāns, Inese Saliņa, Evija Skuķe, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson.