Kim? Contemporary Art Centre
Katrīna Neiburga’s exhibition “The Memory of Things”

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Three-Generational Pedicure

Once a month, for several years in a row, Alexandra comes to give us pedicure. We are women of three generations – the mother, the daughter and the grandmother. She spends an hour on each of us. Since my feet are in the worst condition, the time that is left from pedicuring the grandmother is also devoted to me.
Grandmother’s feet are like those of a baby – no thickened heels, no corns. As for mine and my mothers feet, everything has gone wrong. Even our toes resemble those of a frog. Alexandra treats us with a dry pedicure. She has got the right qualification and on top of that works as a nurse in a psychiatry ward on Tvaika street.
Using a small scalpel, just like a sculptor, she contours my feet back into their right shape. After she leaves, there is a pile of skin shreds on the floor from the feet of women from three generations  and everything in vicinity is covered in a thin coat of skin dust.
As far as I am concerned, all of this should just be burned. Otherwise a sheer amount of our personal bio-information ends up in public waist. As I sweep the skin shreds into the shovel and throw them into the bin, my heart always races.



“A conversation with the meat seller at the Matīsa market”, an intervention by Katrina Neiburga, as part of the contemporary culture forum “White Nights”, on the 8th of September.


As Solvita Krese put in the publication for the international contemporary art festival “Survival Kit” in 2011, Katrīna Neiburga often works as an anthropologist. She is interested in the lives of people, such as the peculiar community of tea mushroom growers, block housing inhabitants, girls met at nightclub bathrooms, women that work as taxi drivers.”


Katrina Neiburga (1978) has a Master’s degree in Visual Communication from Latvian Art Academy and she has participated in exhibitions since 2000. She has exhibited her works in Sidney and Moscow biennale, has been a candidate for Ars Fennica (2008) art prize and is the Purvīša Art Prize winner (2008). The last exhibition “The Printing House” (2011/12) was on display in Riga, Helsinki and Budapest. Katrina Neiburga regularly collaborates with the sound artist  Andžonis (Andris Indāns) and has worked with the Latvian National Opera (she has done the scenography and video for the opera “Eugene Onegin”, (2010), “Doll Opera” (2008) and the newest project is the video work for the opera “Lucia De Lammermoor” (2012))

Thanks to: Pēteris Brīniņš, Artis Dzērve, Andris Eglītis, Andris Indāns, Ginters Krumholcs, Ojārs Pētersons and "4metri"