Kim? Contemporary Art Center
Kim? Contemporary Art Centre appoints Kaspars Groševs as its Programme Director

Kim? Contemporary Art Centre is pleased to introduce its new Programme Director, Kaspars Groševs, who will begin his new role at Kim? in April. Just as before, the Program Director will be responsible for developing and managing the organization’s exhibitions and accompanying programs in Latvia and abroad.


Kaspars Groševs is an experienced experimental and sound artist, who since 2014 has served as the founder and curator of the first artist run gallery in Riga – 427. Having implemented a number of major independent projects, Kaspars Groševs has taken part in group and solo exhibitions internationally in institutions such as Futura Gallery in Prague, BOZAR in Brussels, Shanaynay in Paris, SIC in Helsinki as well as the Latvian National Museum of Art and Kim? Contemporary Art Centre in Riga.


The selection of a new program director complements Kim?’s strategic goal of prioritizing international competitiveness. This objective shall be achieved by focusing on two directions – promoting the recognition of Latvian contemporary art and Kim? as an institution internationally, this includes a continuation of organizing Latvian art exhibitions abroad, which in 2019 is highlighted by Daiga Grantiņas exhibition at the 58th Venice Art Biennale jointly organized by Kim? Contemporary Art Centre and Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art; organizing the Kim? Residency Award and cooperating with internationally renowned curators and art professionals as well as implementing a program of exhibitions and events with the participation of internationally recognized Latvian artists.



Commenting on his new position Kaspars Groševs notes: “It is an honor to undertake this position, because largely my growth as a curator, artist and founder of a non-commercial gallery has been linked to that of Kim?. Since Kim?’s first exhibition at Spīķeri quarter, I have followed with great excitement the program curated by Zane Onckule and Valentinas Klimašauskas. Numerous ground-shaking exhibitions have offered the opportunity to become acquainted with artists, simultaneously laying foundation to the wider recognition of art as a powerful intellectual tool that has the capacity to expand the notion of aesthetics, inspire for new ideas, form new experiences or simply, in an discreet manner, transform the way in which one perceives art.


Kim? Is one of the most noticeable contemporary art hubs in the region, hence my vision is to further establish it as a place that produces global currents, launches international projects, forms possibilities for art professionals to meet and that serves as a trampoline for Latvian artists.”


Kim? Contemporary Art Centre, founded in 2009, is a locally and internationally recognized art institution. Its Program Director and curator Zane Onckule, during the years from 2010 to 2017, established the current structure of exhibitions and public programs for Kim?, launched international projects including Kim? Residency Award, as well as developed a series of publications. As of 2017 the role was filled by Valentinas Klimašauskas, during whose tenure at Kim? a set of large-scale exhibition projects for the “Latvia 100” program, which includes the Baltic Triennial XIII, and other projects were executed. Ensuring the continuous implementation of Kim?’s strategic vision, Zane Onckule will continue her collaboration with Kim? in the position of a curatorial adviser, during 2019 developing international exhibition projects in Hessel Museum of Art in New York, The Center for Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv and others.