Kim? Contemporary Art Centre
Lecture “The Messenger” by Paul DeMarinis

On Tuesday, 13 April at 19:00 everyone was invited to attend a lecture by American artist Paul DeMarinis. The lecture as well as the artist’s exhibition “The Messenger” at the Kim? / RIXC Gallery is supported by the Embassy of the US in Latvia and airBaltic and they both are part of the US culture month “Made in the USA” programme.

In his lecture, Paul DeMarinis introduced the audience with his works, which all strive to reveal the hidden physical forces. Though DeMarinis is among the first artists to use computer technologies in his artworks, he is also interested in inventions, instruments and ideas that have already become obsolete. In his lecture, Paul DeMarinis will question technologies as a source of artistic inspiration, as well as contemplate physics phenomena that, with the help of artistic interpretation, can be discovered anew.

Paul DeMarinis has been working as an electronic media artist since 1971 and has created numerous performance works, sound and computer installations, interactive electronic inventions and public art in South America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Currently DeMarinis is an Assisted Professor at Stanford University, US.