Kim? Contemporary Art Centre
Group exhibition “A Thing Spins a Leaf By the Wind”

During Programme No. 14 from 7 until 29 August, 2010, exhibition “A Thing Spins a Leaf by the Wind” by four Lithuanian artists: Liudvikas Buklys (1984), Gintaras Didžiapetris (1985), Antanas Gerlikas (1978) and Elena Narbutaitė (1984), as well as an American artist Nicolas Matranga (1983) will be open to the public at the auditorium on the top floor of Kim? and takes place with the support of airBaltic.

“When sound is crystal clear and recording the recorded take runs smooth. We are at “The Village Vanguard”, talking silently, listening carefully. Recording studios have a different attention to what we experience later, hearing the recorded tune. Do you remember the voice of a piano player in a studio? It sounds very distant, not made of sound. Who sings the melody? Who hears it now?

This room, the auditorium is just like that – it is not made to host exhibitions, it can only replay them. Pre-recorded and recreated here, for the first time, it allows multiple moments to meet, to be distorted and experienced once again. All artist made new works, some incomplete, some are already over, and if you are visiting the exhibition at its end – worn out and bleak of colour. A shared room is hopefully a friendship, like cities, that are never tired of being redefined and translated by migration of people. In a city where politics does not exist, I found that it is most meaningful to talk of a shared story. Every part of it being told in a different language and at different speeds.

I am standing in front of a news stand. “Vogue”, for example, claims “first look at autumn” . It seems to be related to brief moments that solidify into collection of objects that Elena Narbutaitė hurriedly describes. Before time was time, or before autumn was known to come every year, “Dust Lady” (2010) was making shows of nothing, drawing figurines in the spotless air.

Liudvikas Buklys has set out to build the architecture for the show. He was working blindly, for a long time. Thoughts about display, objects, and design were his occupation. He found himself, in the end, with a building in his hand. Architecture that almost forgot to surround exhibition, but did not, thanks to memory of a building.

Summer is not over yet. Antanas Gerlikas was looking for words in many different states of matter. Melting his beloved car until it echoed past the past of its own making. “They finally heard the conversation they were looking for” concludes the story in “Following the Track of a Different Smell” (2010) and as the title indicates – Marcel Proust was mentioned in the echo too. Although the smell, as we now know, was of reflections.

Or Odilon Redon, who made a beautiful drawing of a girl gently holding a flower close to her crayon profile. Where is she transporting herself? When is she planning to come back to the show? Nicolas Matranga forgot his raincoat, when he was leaving. Inside its pocket there is a folded poster with notes he made while reading “The Unreality of Time” by John McTaggart Ellis McTaggart – a book that argues that Nicolas neither left the show, nor that he will be back all soaked in the rain to take the coat in September…

Finally the exhibition will become a record. An index of thought, not names. Like an abstract sign on the window by Gintaras Didžiapetris, the event is open, barely written. Dealing with memories of events experienced and invented, histories of two very close countries and art that finds its difference in rapid disappearance of distance. As calm friend and passionate conversation, the voice that is gradually becoming something else, for better, not for worse.

The Space”