Kim? Contemporary Art Centre
Body performances: PuseH PuseW and Horsepusher & McFartbag

On 30 May at 21:00 everyone was invited to attend a concert by PuseH PuseW and Horsepusher&McFartbag.

Concerts by artists of the band PuseH PuseW and the publisher Dexandthecity are characterised as suggestive, ritualistic and theatrical body performances referring to ideologies, religions and consumer culture. PuseH PuseW characterise their own activities as “esoteric music for avant-garde theatre”. The sound is created by means of improvisation and skilful playing with rules and borders of music.

Dexandthecity is online music publisher, located in Madona and featuring different musicians such as Kodek, The Pussykillers, Overthruster, Moavaimao, TV Maskava, Bouncy Pilat, Oxygenfad etc. Their music is expressive and experimental, it contains noise, hardcore and dance music elements called into being by extraordinary “instruments”, effects and sounds. Their performances possess both virtuosity and infancy, they are both fascinating and revolting.