Kim? Contemporary Art Centre
Retrospective of Kim? Publications at Page Not Found

To continue the celebration of wonderful collaborations during these 10 years of Kim?, together with our friends from the Netherlands Page Not Found we are organizing a retrospective of Kim? multifarious publishing activities, including Evita Vasiljeva’s “If You Can’t, Engage” and Paraguay Press “Active Art”. Opening in the space of Page Not Found, Hague, the Netherlands on Thursday 5 September at 17:00, in presence of Laima Ruduša, executive director of Kim?. 


Kim? supports the development of emerging artists, theoreticians, curators, philosophers, translators and thinkers of various spheres aiming to provide a responsive context to their work and to make critical practices accessible to a wider audience.



Since 2009, alongside its exhibition program, Kim? has also facilitated select exhibition catalougues, and numerous publications, that give voice to a specific range of essays and texts on art, art theory and criticism, and selected translations.