Kim? Contemporary Art Centre
Solo show by Liene Pavlovska “Close Your Eyes and Smile”

At the centre of the exhibition Close Your Eyes and Smile* is an exploration of the correlation between individual and group responsibility. It looks at the structure of game shows and similarities between how these and national and international elections are organised whilst upholding the contemporary myth of luck alive. At her exhibition Liene Pavlovska changes the function and use of the Kim? space making it part of a performative space where staged gestures interact with visitors’ viewpoints.


* The artist has borrowed the title for her exhibition from Jānis Poruks’ poetry, and Jāzeps Vitols’ musical composition.


Liene Pavlovska was born in Latvia in 1987. She is an artist and set designer whose creative work is centred on studying individual and group responsibility in a socio-political context. She also explores the relationship between actor and viewer. Pavlovska is interested in using theatrical modes of expression and the experience of catharsis in the context of visual art. She received her Master’s degree in Scenography from the Art Academy of Latvia, and from the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam where she studied in the department Studio for Immediate Spaces.