Kim? Contemporary Art Centre
Spīķeri Documentary Night

The second Spīķeri Documentary Night took place on Friday, 30 April from 19:00 until 04:00 the next morning. The unique cinema and music get-together took place both in Riga and in Sigulda. In Riga music and film lovers were welcomed at Spīķeri – Kim?, Dirty Deal and META-KAFE – while in Sigulda at Kino Lora and music club Aparjods.

Three film programmes were screened during the cinema and music night: documentary film programme “Āmurs un Auseklītis” (at Kim? and Kino Lora in Sigulda), a programme by 15 young directors from 15 post-Soviet countries (project “15 Young By Young”) and a film programme by students from the Academy of Culture, Russia Film School and various European film schools (at Dirty Deal in Riga and music club Aparjods in Sigulda).

Film Programme “Āmurs un auseklītis” at Kim?
235000000 (1967, Uldis Brauns, 100’)

Sieviete, kuru gaida (The Woman Who is Waited/ 1978, Ivars Seleckis, 49’)
Meklēju vīrieti (Wanted: A Man / 1983, Ivars Seleckis, 48’)

Tava mūža sekundes rit  (Seconds of Your Life are Passing By / Zigurds Vidiņš, 12’)
Aplis pierādījumā  (Circle in the Evidence / Zigurds Vidiņš, 14’)

Mēs (Hello, Do You Hear Us? / 1989, Juris Podnieks, 1. Sērija, 50’)
Rīga. Desmit gadus pēc… (Riga. Ten Years After… / 2001, Arta Biseniece, 58’)

Atrasts Amerikā (Found in America / 2003, Sandris Jūra, 58’)
Dzimuši PSRS (Born in the USSR / 2010, Sergejs Mirošņičenko, 52’)

There will be music playing all night long – Martin Confused, Kārlis Kazāks (Dirty Deal) and Astro’n’out, Goran Gora un Ewert and the two Dragons from Estonia (Aparjods), and others. kim? galleries will be open until midnight offering to visit “The Messenger” by Paul DeMarinis, “Once Upon A Time In The West” by Aaron Schuman and “Cause And Effect” by a group of Latvian artists.

Spīķeri Documentary Night is a joint documentary cinema project of “15 Young By Young” team, film authors and partners – Riga City Council, Sigulda Regional Council, National Film Centre, Rigas Film Museum, British Council, The Cultural Navigator, LTV1, Diena Media, publishing house ZetaGD, Double Coffe, META-KAFE, Dirty Deal, Kim?, Aparjods and Kino Lora – and it is dedicated to the people living in Riga and Sigulda. Spīķeru Documental Night is organized by Avantis.