Kim? Contemporary Art Centre
Viesturs Rudzītis’ Lecture-Séance “Psychodrama”

On 28 May at 19:00 everyone was invited to attend lecture-séance by doctor, author and specialist of psychodrama, sociometry and group therapy Viesturs Rudzītis.

As it turns out there are at least two interpretations of “psychodrama”. One – from the artist’s point of view, the other – therapeutical psychodrama. Are there any links between the two? Can art save the world and if yes, could it be called “curing”?

The lecture did offer the opportunity to experience not just “hear about” psychodrama, because psychodrama means “to do in order to understand” – it is active, it requires to acknowledge body as “the second brain”. Such concepts as “my and our psyche”, “inner world on stage”, “the spontaneous and the impulsive”, “creativeness and God of psychodrama” were discussed alongside the history of psychodrama method.