Kim? Contemporary Art Centre
Workshop “Consciousness No 1”

On March 29, 2011, at 6 p.m. Kim? invited to attend the text reading workshop titled “Consciousness No 1”. Reading was dedicated to the essential question “What is consciousness?”.


The aim of the text reading workshop is to encourage the development of interdisciplinary understanding among intellectuals in Latvia. By gathering professionals and interested audience from various fields, workshop’s mission is to raise discussions about specific notions and to discover their interconnections in various aspects of culture, science and/or fields of arts using the readings and collective analysis of the key texts as the starting point.


Form of the text reading workshop: Each reading was introduced by a lecturer, whose professional activities and academic interest is related to one of the workshop themes. Participants were asked to apply for the workshops in advance and to prepare by getting acquainted with the handouts (fragments of texts, each of about 10 to 15 pages) in order to be ready for discussions.


In the text reading workshop “Consciousness No 1” philosopher Ģirts Jankovskis commented on fragments from Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel’s (1770-1831) “Encyclopedia of the Philosophical Sciences” (“Enziklopädie der philosophischen Wissenschaften”; texts in English and German), philosopher Uldis Vēgners commented on fragments from Edmund Husserl’s (1859-1938) work “The Paris Lectures” (“Die Pariser Vorträge”, text in Latvian).