Kim? Contemporary Art Centre
10th Anniversary programme “Kim? X”

To celebrate opening its doors for the first time in 2009 Kim? Contemporary Art Centre is announcing the “Kim? X” programme. The programme will be launched in August with various celebratory activities and points of interest which will highlight the diversity of Kim? and bring it to life in performative, visual and literary form.


In August Kim? Contemporary Art Centre is celebrating its first decade. On 22 August the centre will open two solo shows by new artists’ Līga Spunde and Liene Pavlovska. Their exhibitions will be supplemented by a performative event at the close of the opening night at Tallinn Street Quarter.


Throughout August Kim? will be putting on a programme of literary and visual events that will delve into, and take a look back at, Kim?’s archive – in a tangible way as a pop-up shop, as well as electronically as publications in various media, including in the online magazine Satori. Additionally an exhibition of Māris Bišofs’ drawings depicting answers to questions posed by Kim? will be shown in the courtyard of Kim? at Sporta Iela 2. The exhibition “ZRwhdZ. Riga”, by Krista and Reinis Dzudzilo, will be shown alongside the drawings, which is the artists’ contribution to the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space. 


“”I started out with nothing, and I still own a large part of it.”– Seth Siegelaub


This decade at Kim? has been spent in a continual “dance with time”, moving forward but at the same time “rewinding the tape” – repeating movements and introducing new ones., sometimes dancing alone, sometimes together, but never stopping for even a second. The fact that Kim? is constantly active might seem like a given, but this is, in fact, intentional. Filling an empty space of indeterminate size in the Riga art scene (but not only there) Kim? has moved and breathed, assembling a physical and imagined space from the most diverse materials for over ten years. This space has been a regular meeting point for those who question, and those who answer, to dance and exchange roles, tempos, decorations and topics of conversation. Ten years is a sufficient amount of time to conclude that this indefineable empty space has been at least partially filled with noise that echoes across borders, and resounds like a warm welcome to come visit.” – Programme Director Kaspars Groševs.


Over ten years Kim? Contemporary Art Centre has organised 700 events, 188 exhibitions in Latvia, 30 exhibitions abroad, has attracted around 600 000 visitors, and over the last five years made it possible for five artists to take part in international residences hosted by Kim? partner organisations.


Supporters: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia, Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia, Riga City Council, the online magazine Satori, Tikkurila, SIA Kviller, Masterfoto, Sporta2 kvartāls, Kokmuiža beer, Absolut