Kim? Contemporary Art Centre
Exhibition “Collection II”

Exhibition “Collection II”, displayed from 12 February until 14 March, 2010, during Programme No. 8. This was the second exhibition in the series of exhibitions displaying artworks from the collection of the Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art. The artwork from the collection was exhibited in the VKN and RIXC Galleries as well as in the latest addition to Kim? galleries – the FK Gallery. The aim of the exhibition is to introduce the wider public to the collection of the Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art which has been developed by an international group of experts since 2005.

Works in different media created by different generations of Latvian artists have been chosen for this exhibition: Juris Boiko (1954 – 2002) “Skaņas I – III” (Sounds I – III, 2001); Juris Boiko / Hardijs Lediņš (1955 – 2004) / NSRD “Pavasara tecīla” (The Grindstone of Spring , 1987) and “Pavasara sekvences” (The Sequences of Spring, 1988); Anta Pence / Dita Pence (*1975) “Stīvenam pa pēdām” (Uphill to Mexico, 2001); Krišs Salmanis (*1977) “Duša” (The Shower, 2007); Egons Spuris (1939 – 1990) “Rīgas XIX un XX gs. sākuma proletāriešu rajons. Nr. 1 – 10” (Riga. Working class districts at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. No 1 – 10, 1970 – 1980); Raitis Šmits (*1966) / Rasa Šmite (*1969) / Mārtiņš Ratniks (*1975) “RT-32 Akustiskās telpas laboratorija” (RT-32: Acoustic Space Lab, 2002); Raitis Šmits / Rasa Šmite / Linda Vēbere (*1985) / Mārtiņš Ratniks “Skrundas signāls” (Skrunda Signal, 2007 – 2008). The thematic, stylistic and technical variety of the exhibited works will provide the visitors with an opportunity to acquire an insight into the contemporary art scene of Latvia.

As in the first exhibition dedicated to the collection, “Collection II” offers the visitors the possibility to create their own interpretation of the works as well as to learn more about the idea, story or motivation behind them by watching interviews with some of the artists.

The collection of the Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art has been developed since 2005 by an international group of experts. The collection consists of artworks created since the second half of the 20th century until present. In accordance with the long-term collaboration agreement between the Ministry of Culture and the Aizkraukles Bank, the Aizkraukles Bank is the first biggest supporter of the collection of the Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art. It has pledged to allocate one million Lats to be used for the development of the collection from 2005 until 2015. Up till now, more than 200 artworks have been included in the collection of the Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art. 86 of the works have been bought by the Aizkraukles Bank. Other artworks are property of the State and have been included in the Collection of National Museums. Since 2008, the collection is also being financed by the European Economic Zone (EEZ) financial instrument “Documentation and preservation of Soviet period non-conformist cultural heritage for the collection of the Contemporary Art Museum of Latvia”.