Kim? Contemporary Art Centre
JRRMV students “How to invent a bicycle?”

On Monday, 24 May, 2010, the opening of exhibition “How To Invent A Bicycle?” by students of Janis Rozentāls Riga Art School (JRRMV) will launch a new education programme mit (abbreviation of  – mācību izstāžu telpa – study exhibition space). The programme is designed with the aim to create an opportunity for young artists to gain practical knowledge in planning and organizing exhibitions, as well as to offer a unique chance to showcase their works alongside world class Latvian and foreign artists. The patron of mit is advertising agency DDB Worldwide – agency that does not use rigid methodologies or paint-by-numbers; agency that supports the young and the creative.

The first mit exhibition will exhibit bronze and aluminium casts that the JRRMV students have been working on over the past seven months. While preparing for the exhibition the young artists had the opportunity to learn about the practical, as well as the theoretical aspects of small scale sculptures in the guidance of  experienced sculptors Kristaps Strauts and Igors Dobičins. The exhibition will showcase works by the JRRMV students Alise Bēržvade, Anete Bajāre, Ella Mežule, Ernests Šveisbergs, Ginta Mičule, Laima Daberte, Rihards Ābeltiņš, Sabīne Silarāja, Zīle Ziemele, Lotte Vilma and by the curator of the exhibition sculptor Kristaps Strauts.

In the creative process the students have touched upon many subjects, but all of them can be united under one single question, i.e., “How to invent a bicycle?”. This question expresses the very essence of the young artists’ aims and aspirations – they are looking for their own unique path in the world of contemporary art, they want to invent a bicycle, they want to invent art.

Exhibition “How To Invent A Bicycle?” is located on the top floor of Kim? abode and will be open until 11 June.