Kim? Contemporary Art Centre
“Kim? Salon” At Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre

Dear Friend,


After more than a hundred shows, dozens of events, several publications and quite a few talks with a serious group of artists, curators, writers and philosophers, I approach you as one of them, to recall the occasion we first met.

This coming May is my 5th anniversary and as a needy child I request a special gift. Let us reinvent something we don’t really know but might enjoy playing with!

I’ll await a special piece of yours, emailed or post-mailed to Riga, for the inclusion in a self-curated display – my Salon.

Salon will find itself on a symbolic jigsaw puzzle enriched brick designed by the members of group exhibition NF presents: From A to Be to See to D (on display at Kim? from May 2 –  June 1). After it ends, the artwork with your name will be included in my evergrowing collection of objects and events.

And I shall make it thorough – the format and the technique of the piece selected is of vast importance and you have all the free will to decide on it.

Let us mix chance and choice!





The following artists confirmed their participation in the Kim? SALON and are included in this display:

Patrik Aarnivaara, Arturs Bērziņš, Merlin Carpenter, Michael Dean, Margrieta Dreiblate, Viktorija Eksta, Ieva Epnere, Kristaps Epners, Jānis Filipovičs, Eva Frapiccini, Roberts Galviņš,  Indriķis Ģelzis, Jeļena Glazova, Edgars Gluhovs, Kaspars Groševs,  Joachim Hamou, Edgars Jurjāns, Krõõt Juurak,  Ainārs Kamoliņš, Ernests Kļaviņš, Ieva Kraule, Edgars Lielzeltiņš,  Aditya Mandayam,Līga Marcinkeviča, Nicolas Matranga, Inga Meldere, Daria Melnikova, Margarida Mendes & Andre Sousa, Jānis Murovksis, Elena Narbutaitė, Arianne Olthaar, Anta Pence, Dita Pence, Ida Pettersson, Ojārs Pētersons, Kaspars Podnieks, Toms Požemis, Laura Prikule, Mārtiņš Ratniks, AndreasRibbung, Līva Rutmane, Krišs Salmanis, Alnis Stakle, Gundega Strautmane, Jānis Taurens, Iveta Vaivode, Evita Vasiļjeva, Oļa Vasiļjeva, Iliana Veinberga, Pieternel Vermoortel, Eva Vēvere, Andris Vītoliņš, Henrihs Vorkals, Honza Zamojski, Brigita Zelča, Armands Zelchs.