Kim? Contemporary Art Centre
Ola Vasiljeva “Cinq à Sept”

R: Would you like to have a dialogue about Ola’s work with me?
A: Yeah sure. Can’t say I totally get it though.
R: Whose work do you feel you get entirely?
A: Don’t know. Can’t say for sure. One common thing I notice amongst artists I like is that they have this ability to speak directly to me. It is hard to explain. Affect – that’s another thing. Ola has a definite affect, a specific gestalt.
R: If it affects you in a specific way would you be able to transmit that effect to me? What would convey it best?
A: A miasma of some sort.
Ola is a friend. A close one. I think of her as a storyteller. She will tell you of these fantastic dreams she had with exploding pills in her ear, or the fairytales of her childhood, those of the lives of stones in forests and exotic horses that sweat blood and tornados that hum. I find all of this very much a part of her practice. I told her this and she just smiled.


/excerpt from conversation with participation of Raimundas Malašauskas and Oļa Vasiļjeva./


Cinq à Sept is dedicated to the idea of the metaphysical hidden within a language, synesthesia and the inter-dimensional. The project is based on a fictional text I am writing in a form of a transcendental treatise. The text proposes poetic pseudo-quantum guidelines and formulas to develop one’s perception of space, music, objects of art, fashion and design. The visual elements and ideas reoccur in different media and echo through the entire project.


Oļa Vasiļjeva is an artist from Ventspils, who lives and works in Amsterdam. In 2013 she was nominated for the prestigious Prix de Rome prize. Oļa Vasiļjeva works with video, sculpture, music and text; in her work we can see extensive references to the applied arts, music, subcultures and literature.
The artist founded the art collective The Oceans Academy of Arts and publishes the OAOA magazine.
In Amsterdam she is represented by Galerie van Gelder and among her recent projects it is worth mentioning her participation in group exhibitions at Lisson gallery in London, Witte de Within RotterdamMuseum of Moving Image in New York and elsewhere.