Kim? Contemporary Art Centre
PERFORMANCE & WORKSHOP / “Wearable Memory and Body Techniques”

Kim? Contemporary Art Centre invites you to the public program of the exhibition Wearable Memory and Body Techniques.


A tailor’s friend: Zine-making-practice
With co-curators Estere Kajema and Ricarda Messner

Time: November 25, 12.00–14.00

Venue: Kim? Contemporary Art Centre

Target audience: Primary and elementary school children (Grades 4–9)

Language: Latvian, English

Entrance: free of charge, no registration required

A zine-making workshop for tweens and teens, where the young visitors are welcome to join the exhibition curators in thinking about conveying the complex subject matter into tangible, educational, playful material. Exercises will include finger tracing, creative writing, and reflections on mindfulness.


Hautnah (Skin-tight)

Artist Alba D’Urbano and seamstress Klinta Šinta

Time: November 25, 13.00–16.00

Venue: Kim? Contemporary Art Centre

Target audience: students, adults, seniors

Entrance: free of charge, no registration required

For the performance on November 25 at Kim?, the artist and seamstress will make an overall using printed fabric. The installation’s interior will be transformed into a tailor’s workshop, complete with everything necessary to produce the garment. Visitors to the exhibition will experience the process of creating the skin: cutting, sewing, handling patterns, and ironing. Seeing and hearing are part of the experience—transforming a two-dimensional surface into a three-dimensional object.

Alba D’ Urbano (1955, Italy) traces conceptions of individuality and technique in her works by relating people, individuals, media, and technology in her objects and installations. She uses contemporary forms of expression to analyze and reflect these forms critically. Her work has been exhibited in numerous museums and galleries in Germany and abroad since 1984. Her works are represented in many public collections such as Gutenberg Museum, Mainz; Dresden Bank, Munich; collection of the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Termoli (I); Deutsche Bank, Darmstadt; ZKM Karlsruhe or at the Deutsche Guggenheim, Berlin. D’Urbano teaches at the Institut für Neue Medien, Frankfurt, and at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Offenbach. In 1995, she was invited to become the Chair for computer graphics at the Academy of Graphic Arts in Leipzig. Since 1998, she has taught the class for Intermedia at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig.