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Kim? wishes patience and ingenuity in conjuring up the “holiday feeling”! See you in 2021!

Santa France, 2020



Kim? congratulates friends – participants, visitors, writers, followers and supporters – with the end of this year!


Amidst the various phases of an endless pandemic, each in our own location, we are faced with the fact that holiday gifts have not yet been purchased and, due to other priorities or budget limitations, or even known retail constraints, there is a high risk that this will not happen.


It is therefore we wish us all have the patience and ingenuity to conjure up what is known as the “holiday feeling” with only the objects and materials available in the household! See, for example, decorations from last year’s holiday, details from everyday supplies, or even vegetables and all these ideas that were not brought to home ec in the autumn…


The result can be charming. Just like this playful and aesthetically pleasing gingerbread “poop” sculpture by Santa France.


Happy Holidays!

Kim? team



Santa France (b. 1993, currently lives and works in Berlin) is a Latvian digital artist mainly focusing on exploring the potential of 3D software and its usage in creating web-collages, videos, animated .GIF images and digital illustrations that deal with the themes of self-reflection, solitude, nostalgia and internet culture.



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