Kim? Contemporary Art Centre

The workshop GOLDEN BOOK is a practice-based study of the group exhibition Wearable Memory and Body Techniques. Featuring Solomon Levitanus and Ljuba Monastirsky taking place at Kim? Contemporary Art Centre on November 4 – December 29, 2023.


GOLDEN BOOK invites you to take on the knowledge inspired by Riga-based tailor, writer, and self-publisher Solomon Levitanus (1875–1941), who authored textbooks on pattern making. Levitanus always stressed the importance of sharing his knowledge among tailors and clothing makers, expressing his desire for textbooks to serve as a tool for cultivating their practices and craft.


Dive deeper into the world of textile craftsmanship by joining a mending and fabric manipulation workshop. Knowledge is passed on about the art of embroidery, exploration of a multitude of fabrics, wielding yarns and needles, and intricacies of precise sizing. In the workshop, you will gain insights into the art of determining an ideal fit. During the workshop, a collective textile work will be created together.


Santa Matule works as a digital artist and architect for the studio MARK arhitekti. She is an art & fashion curator for the designer’s collective Butterman, which organizes different pop-up exhibitions around fashion design at Riga’s shopping center Galerija Centrs. Santa has studied architecture at Rigas Technical University and holds an MA in Fashion from the Art Academy of Latvia. 


​Simona Veilande is a fashion designer and researcher for the label Tribal Hotel and is part of the designer’s collective Butterman. She has an MA in Fashion Design from the Art Academy of Latvia and a BA in Finance. Simona has designed several conceptual fashion collections and multidisciplinary artworks and organized workshops with students working around archive material of pattern cutting, translating them into the present time. 


Target audience:  Children, young people, adults, seniors. No prior knowledge is required; everyone is welcome.


Language: Latvian and English


November 4  –  12.00–15.00 and 15.00–18.00

November 10  –  15.00–18.00 and 18.00–20.00

November 11  –  12.00–15.00 and 15.00–18.00

(Drop-in, drop-out. Duration up to 6 hours every day)


Admission: Free


Materials: All materials necessary for the work will be provided. 

* Bring memories of your favorite garment to which you have an emotional or sentimental attachment *



t/c “Galerija Centrs”, Audēju street 16, Riga
3rd floor, Art gallery 


Contacts and booking:

Santa Matule