Kim? Contemporary Art Centre

The title “TEXT=IMAGE” reflects the goal of the exhibition – to inquire relations between text and image in Latvian art. The dynamics and the notional aspects is object of research for Aiga Dzalbe who describes the conception by: “Word has strength – the history has warned us all. But does a word have a certain appearance? The intention of the exhibition is initiated by a question – how can word/ writing/ text replace the form or interact with it– create images, express ideas by means of expression by visual art.”
The exhibition-research that is done in cooperation with curator and artist Inga Brūvere is a challenge to superficial view that linguistically orientated art does not have any tradition in Latvia. It might be the reason why no one has tried to display it in entirety that might bring unexpected notion completely different on things known so well.

The exhibition “TEXT=IMAGE” (a research challenging to highlight and break local clichés of perception of art) examines potential of text in visual art work by searching contiguity between visual arts and linguistics. The exhibition consists of works made in different periods, in various media and by different generations who have inspired the curators by their interest to work with language and capability to thin conceptually.


The participants of the exhibition: Kristīne Alksne, Arturs Bērziņš, Juris Boiko, Ēriks Božis, Inga Brūvere, Ivars Grāvlejs, Leonards Laganovskis, tekstgrupa “Orbīta”, Laura Prikule, Krišs Salmanis, Gundega Strautmane.