Kim? Contemporary Art Centre
Viktors Freibergs’ lecture “Where are these stairs leading?”

On 7 July at 19:00 everyone was invited to attend a lecture “Where are these stairs leading?” by cinema expert Viktors Freibergs.

In cinema there are many visual images that have gained special meaning and functions over the time. There are many films where the climax, moment of enlightenment or phobias take place on stairs thus turning the simple visual image into a powerful metaphor; therefore it is worthwhile to examine what the images of stairs have in common in films by different directors.

Viktors Freibergs is one of the best and best known cinema experts in Latvia. He teaches at the University of Latvia. His research areas include history of cinema, semiotics of cinema as well as cinema as textual system. He also researches the relationship between cinema and text drawing the parallels between their development and looking at their mutual influences.