Kim? Contemporary Art Centre

15:00 – 21:30  Exhibition Faktura (For A Nervous Spirit)

19:00 – 22:00 Audiovisual programme “Asorti of A Nervous Spirit” open air screening at Kim? courtyard

22:00 – 00:00 Dj Krauklis (90’ techno/rave flashback)


With the exhibition FAKTURA (FOR A NERVOUS SPIRIT) in the background, on the evening of September 5th at the courtyard of Kim?, we will present an audiovisual program with a custom-made scenography (Eltons Kūns) dedicated to a nervous spirit. This spirit, although largely embedded in the post-technological era of nostalgia and dance floors, is increasingly manifesting itself as a pattern of behavior that an individual plays against today’s reality.


It appears most clearly when it starts to “to wave back at the machine”. Guided by the searches of free analogies and connections, the open air program focuses on the spirit world addressed through media tools, observation and monitoring strategies, and reflection on the quality of physical and mental health of the urban society. Video works,  historical audio recordings and materials found on the Internet by artists (James Bridle, Vanessa Gravenor, Lee Ledare, Ieva Rubeze) will be arranged thematically and visually. The evening will be closed with a performance by DJ Krauklis.


Jānis Krauklis is known as the pioneer of a Latvian DJ culture and even a cult figure of Latvian and Eastern European dance culture, the first DJ in the Soviet Union. Looking at his biography from today’s point of view, many unique facts can be found: in 1988, Krauklis was the first DJ to start playing on vinyl using Technics 1210MK2. In 1991, he performed at the DMC DJ World Championships in London; In 1999, Krauklis performed at the “Love Parade” festival on the first Russian-German platform. The first underground raves in St. Petersburg and on a motorcycle track in Riga. The first Russian rave “Gagarin Party” in 1991 and the legendary “Radio Dance” – this list could be continued.


Supported by Riga City Council