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Solo Show by Līva Rutmane “PRR”

KG: But do you like the process of drawing?
LR: No. I can’t stand it.


Needle in a haystack. That’s how Google translates it. It’s somewhere beyond reach, floating in the air at night. It’s a well-kept mechanism, bound to grind its maintainer. I talk to Līva’s music more often than with herself, I talk with wood chips. It’s almost saut dans le vide, except the void is still shaping up and growing, living as bacteria on a white cube’s concrete floor. For now, let’s hide.


Text: Kaspars Groševs


Līve Rutmane (born 1984) graduated Latvian Academy of Art, Graphic Art department (MA). Usually works with large scale drawings and small plastic objects. Last solo show “A cake for Līva” at gallery LOW (2017). Takes part in the artist band “Klīga”. Participated in the group show “Blocker” at gallery Alma (2017). In case the activities turn insignificant, Līva practices self-publishing,  the most recent work at Riga Zine Fest “Darbiņš” (2018).